Heartbleed For Ordinary People

Q: What’s the fuss about this heartbleed bug all about?
A: read about it here

Q: I don’t understand a sh*t
A: we’re on the same boat then 😀 in short, because of a bug, the security in a lot of online services are compromised.

Q: Blah blah, so what? Thats their problem…
A: Well, if you somehow do care about your privacy and data, you can change your password.

Q: What? Thats a lot of them, how do I know which account I have to change?
A: Well you can start by looking at (but not limited to) here. If you have an account in one or more site on the list and yout think that account is important, you better change your password. Or, you can go here, enter the URL of your site (eg www dot yahoo dot com), read the result, and decide for yourself whether to follow the recommendation or not.

Q: gee thanks man
A: you’re welcome

P.S sorry for bad english and grammar, I’m just keminggris 😀

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