Do what you write, write what you do
Andry S Huzain

Semua yang hidup pasti akan mati. Yang tersisa dari mereka hanyalah segelintir kenangan bagi mereka yang masih hidup. Pilihannya, ingin dikenang seperti apakah kita
-Soenarko, Bapaknya Mas Rachmad

Life isn’t worth living, unless it is lived for someone else
Albert Einstein

The strength of the country is the strength of the village
The strength of the village is the strength of the shinobi
And the true strength of the shinobi can only be gained through life risking battle
Hokage the 3rd, Naruto-

In every moment, there is the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it, you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality!
David Nix, Tomorrowland-

How do you think people responded to the prospect of imminent doom? They gobbled it up, like a chocolate eclair. They didn’t fear their demise, they repackaged it! It can be enjoyed as video games, as TV shows, books, movies – the entire world wholeheartedly embraced the apocalypse, and sprinted towards it with gleeful abandon
David Nix, Tomorrowland-

For those who dont believe in themselves, hardwork is useless
Maito Gai, Naruto-

Tidak ada buku petunjuk yang sempurna, kau adalah kau
Lakukanlah dengan caramu sendiri
Genjo Sanzo, Gensomaden Saiyuki-

Do you understand pain a little now? If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them. But just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can come to an agreement. That’s the truth.
Nagato, Naruto-

We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge that we deem to be justice. But if there is justice in revenge, then that same justice will breed only more revenge and trigger a cycle of hatred
Nagato, Naruto-

It’s better to just quit your job before things get this bad… Work is not something you do to the point it destroys your life
Shintarou Jagasaki, Jagaaaaaan-

Searching for a rule to explain that which you can’t understand… The tireless effort that walks that straight, steady path… That is what we call science
Senku Ishigami, Dr Stone-

Just look at him, what a pitiful sight! A slave to money is holding a whip, acting the master to a slave he bought with money
Askeladd, Vinland Saga-

It isn’t her fault she’s useless, you’re just using her wrong. There’s a different way to correctly control any person
Askeladd, Vinland Saga-

I never loose, I just choose not to win
Mandy, Grim Adventure of Billy & Mandy-

Why do the fate of the world always fall into the hands of an idiot?
Grim, Grim Adventure of Billy & Mandy-

You say you’re bored, but you don’t even try to take action to change anything. You seek some sort of stimulus, and yet you don’t even attempt to challenge new things…
King, One Punch Man-

You should become the kind of guy that can understand the guys that just cant do it
Yuiga Nariyuki’s Father, We Never Learn-

Hanya karena kamu belum pernah melihat burung gagak berwarna putih,
Bukan berarti itu tidak ada

With great power, comes great responsibility

I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.
-Aunt May, Spiderman-

Love should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it could make you sick
-Dr Otto Octavius, Spiderman-

You believed in me, even when I dont believe in myself.
-Jon Stewart, Green Lantern district earth-

You know why big brothers are born first? To protect the little ones that come after them.
Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach-

All our lives have a beginning and an end. No-one can change that.
Seijuro Hiko, Rurouni Kenshin-

Love and selfishness kinda go hand in hand, don’t they?.
Sanosuke Sagara, Rurouni Kenshin-

Sword is a weapon, Kenjutsu is an art of killing, That’s kenjutsu’s true nature, even if you use beatiful words to describe it.
-Seijuro Hiko, Rurouni Kenshin-

The “sword that protects life” is an utopian ideal… however I prefer that utopia to Kenjutsu’s true nature.
-Kenshin Himura, Rurouni Kenshin-

Di dunia ini tidak ada orang jahat, hanya saja cara pikir setiap orang berbeda-beda.
-Han Bin Kwang, Ruler of The Land-

Tidak akan ada orang miskin kalau tidak ada orang yang terlalu kaya.
Eko Prasetyo

Kualitas suatu negara bukan dilihat dari cara mereka memperlakukan warga negaranya yang paling baik, tapi dilihat dari bagaimana mereka memperlakukan warga negaranya yang paling buruk.
Nelson Mandela

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.
Isaac Asimov

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill

Cinta adalah sebuah kebijaksanaan, penghormatan, dan penghargaan terhadap martabat orang lain.
Robi’ah Al-Adawiyah

Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.
Aya Kito

Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.
-Robert Newton Anthony-

Kebahagiaan tidak diukur dengan materi , tapi dari kepuasan hati saat mendapatkan semua yang kita inginkan.

It’s called a dream because you have someone to celebrate it with when it’s come true.
-Kosuke Ueki, The Law Of Ueki

The moment you think that it’s impossible, you’ve already lost.
Yoh Asakura, Shaman King-

If being smart means I have to abandon my friends, then I would rather live as a fool.
Uzumaki Naruto, Naruto-

Though not born on the same day of the same month in the same year, we hope to die so.
-Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei-

Yeah, its the end of the world allright. But we’re still here, still fighting, still friends.
-Robin, Teen Titans

You’re the most hopeful person I ever met. From the day you were born, they told you were evil. They told you will do unspeakable things. But you ask for more, you dare to hope.
-Robin, Teen Titans

Even though you were an idiot, you did what you thought was right
-Kobayashi, The Law of Ueki

You were an unsalvageable moron who believed in justice until the very end
-Kobayashi, The Law of Ueki

Memangnya kenapa kalau hidup itu menyebalkan? kamu tinggal membuatnya menarik kan?
-Kyo, Samurai Deeper Kyo

Kalau lemah beri jalan ke atas, kalau kuat tunjukkan jalan ke atas.
-Kyo, Samurai Deeper Kyo

Di tangan orang yang selalu berkaca kepada masa lalu, masa depan hanyalah sebuah kehancuran
-Kyo, Samurai Deeper Kyo

You couldn’t throw away the past, as long as it exist, it will be there
-Train Heartnet, Black Cat

The secret to enjoying live is to not think of advantages and disadvantages
-Train Heartnet, Black Cat

Cruelty is a matter of perspectives
Jack Sparrow, Pirates of The Caribbean-

If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice
The Joker

Dean, You really shouldn’t mix porn with reality
Sam Winchester, Supernatural-

No matter what kind of bread it is, if you change the way you eat it, it can became good
-Kuroyanagi Ryu, Professional Food Judge, Yakitate! Japan

Among a hundred different people, there would be a hundred different forms of love
-Okina, Rurouni Kenshin-

Which side was right is up to the future generation, what we can do is believe in what we know ourselves to be true and fight for it
-Kenshin Himura, Rurouni Kenshin-

Shirou, saving one person means not saving another
Emiya Kiritsugu, Fate Stay Night-

Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just… *do* things
The Joker

Bagiku ada sesuatu yang paling berharga dan hakiki dalam kehidupan: ‘dapat mencintai, dapat iba hati, dapat merasai kedukaan’. Tanpa itu semua maka kita tidak lebih dari benda
Soe Hok Gie

If you’re quitting because you think you’ve already done your fair share, fine. We’ll throw you a parade. But if you’re quitting because it’s easier than continuing the fight, then you’re not the heroes we all thought you were
Green Arrow

What? Going vengeful? It’s an itch you can’t scratch out. Look… I’m done. Go get Dick. But don’t do it ’cause you think it’ll scratch the itch. Do it ’cause it’s the job. And when it’s your time… go.
Bobby Singer, Supernatural-

Pengetahuan yang dikumpulkan dengan cara menjauhi moral akan selalu meninggalkan manusia di saat krisis
-Krishna, Mahabharat-

What I fear is doing nothing and losing everything
-Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Final Fantasy XV-

True power is not something that is found by those who seek it, it is something that comes to those who deserve it
-Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Final Fantasy XV-

If you endorse the fact that fifteen, sixteen, seventeen year-old boys cannot honor the simple rules of a basketball contract, how long do you think it’ll before they’re out there breaking laws?
-Coach Ken Carter-